Mrs. Ranu Singh

Hi everyone, The era of journalism has gone and the people who have domain expertise excel in the Industry. This is said, read and heard but very few people imbibe this. If we look at the world around, it is changing so fast, what we use to learn in school at the age of 10 is now available at the age 5. Industry across the globe is changing on rapid basis but whether our professional curriculums are changing at that pace? It is a question that each one of us should look for an answer.
Sometime back when we were seeing the analysis of top potential Industry very few stand apart and one of them was “Hospitality Industry”. It has lot of factors which are fed as input to different Industry and economy as a whole.
It’s been a pleasure that our NGO is associated to such Educational Institutions which are not only working on International parameters but are also hitting the right Industry Standards [CHA- Hotel Management, CBA- Business School].
I would like to thank CHA ,CBA – Mr. ANAND YADAV and his Team for their pioneer work in bringing the International platform for our society and children.
I wish them a great success in times to come by.
N.N.P.S.S. in future, tends to bring lot more educational institutes/ schools, Hotel and old age home.
Looking forward for your wishes.

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