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1st Round of Inter-School Culinary Young Chef Challenge – Season 3 (Ongoing)
Industrial Visit to a Five-Star Hotel
Guest Lectures from prominent people from Hospitality industry
Industrial visit to a food production factory
Special classes on Team building, Soft Skills and Body language
Special classes for grooming for girls( Saree Draping, Professional Make up)
City Tour and many more..
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Complete Final Year has been successfully placed for their Industrial Training across reputed organizations throughout the country
Yet again achieved 100% placement for the previous batch (2014-17)
Final Year Commencement of Classess – 9th Jan, 2018
Exam Schedule
1st Year B.Voc. / Diploma (HCT) – JaganNath University 
Theoretical Practical
4th December – 20th December, 2017 21st December – 24th December, 2017
2nd Year B.Sc. HMCS (Bharathiar University)
2nd Mid-Term Exams – 11th Dec. to 14th Dec.


Messages & Industry Comments

Mr. Anand Yadav
Director CHA
Director’s Message

CHA was set up by NNPSS and during the past years we have made significant contributions towards building professional skills of management focusing on International Hospitality Career. Rapid strides have been made by the institute for achieving its Mission to strengthen, sustain and professionalize business knowledge through creative research, teaching, learning and by integrating with Organizations, Institutions and Universities both within and beyond national boundaries.

CHA stands apart from other institutions on many counts. It is the only Institute of its kind in the state which provides Hospitality education with in-depth global focus.

The course curriculum offered at CHA consists of subjects that reflect the concepts & trends in international business. We are witnessing rapid changes in the context of increasing globalization & multilateralism in business. An understanding of these international developments and capacity to analyze & respond to such changes are some of the capabilities that are inculcated in the students.

We have taken a number of steps to ensure that the curriculum of the program is updated on a regular basis to reflect the fast-changing concepts and trends in International Hospitality business. The process includes in-depth external reviews of the course structure and course detail by eminent management education experts. In addition, the course details that are prepared by a faculty members are reviewed internally within the discipline groups on a regular basis every year. The discipline groups also invite two/three outside experts to arrange micro-level external validation of the course contents. We have been inviting external faculties from reputed Hotels within the country and outside for taking specific sessions. These strategies have helped in continuous updating of our course structure to reflect the dynamic changes in Hospitality Education.

As we strive for excellence in what we do, the Institute is constantly making endeavors to scale new heights by developing synergy between graduate studies, research programmes and short term training activities. Such a holistic approach would contribute towards continuous growth of the Institute.

Mrs. Ranu Singh

Hi everyone, The era of journalism has gone and the people who have domain expertise excel in the Industry. This is said, read and heard but very few people imbibe this. If we look at the world around, it is changing so fast, what we use to learn in school at the age of 10 is now available at the age 5. Industry across the globe is changing on rapid basis but whether our professional curriculums are changing at that pace? It is a question that each one of us should look for an answer.
Sometime back when we were seeing the analysis of top potential Industry very few stand apart and one of them was “Hospitality Industry”. It has lot of factors which are fed as input to different Industry and economy as a whole.
It’s been a pleasure that our NGO is associated to such Educational Institutions which are not only working on International parameters but are also hitting the right Industry Standards [CHA- Hotel Management, CBA- Business School].
I would like to thank CHA ,CBA – Mr. ANAND YADAV and his Team for their pioneer work in bringing the International platform for our society and children.
I wish them a great success in times to come by.
N.N.P.S.S. in future, tends to bring lot more educational institutes/ schools, Hotel and old age home.
Looking forward for your wishes.

.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  .

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General Manager,The Royal Heritage

“College of Hospitality Administration gives platform to the student’s to show personality, smartness and talent towards Hospitality Industry. Though CHA has recently opened but the growth of progress of the College as well as of the students is unremarkable. CHA institute is owned by industry professionals who are aware about the competitive environment and the requirements of Hospitality sector and thus, developing the students accordingly by imparting innovative and global education in the field of Hospitality.
We recommend CHA student on priority, as the student’s of this college are efficiently developed that they do not take time to adjust in the Hospitality Industry as the faculty not only provides them a theoretical knowledge rather emphasize them with practical evidences, theoretical and practical approach.”
“We wish CHA as well as the student’s of CHA success for their future endeavors.”

Sanjeev K Dass
General Manager, Radisson Blu

Its been a pleasure in being associated with CHA , Jaipur. Over the past four years I have come close to the institute and the team . We have interacted on many occasions with the faculty and the students. I also got the opportunity to talk to the students and it was a great experience. This will go down as one of the most important times in my life!
I do appreciate the hard work put in by you all in bringing the institute to such levels. I still think back to the time I spent with you and I would have loved for it to be longer, But it was life changing and it helped put me on the path I am on now.
I wish the faculty and the students of CHA , Jaipur all the best for your future endeavours.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  .


Chhavi Katara
Manager – Human Resources, The Lalit

“ Hotel industry is becoming the boom these days, people who are with Enthusiasm to work professionally in terms of the best on the terms of Hospitality.
Energetic people who have always a flow for giving their best of the best. In coming days as well, the industry would be one of the one revenue generation source for the Indian Economy. The way industry is growing the most expanded career growth in terms of giving opportunity will be in this industry only.”.


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