News & Updates
1st Round of Inter-School Culinary Young Chef Challenge – Season 3 (Ongoing)
Industrial Visit to a Five-Star Hotel
Guest Lectures from prominent people from Hospitality industry
Industrial visit to a food production factory
Special classes on Team building, Soft Skills and Body language
Special classes for grooming for girls( Saree Draping, Professional Make up)
City Tour and many more..
Important Dates
Complete Final Year has been successfully placed for their Industrial Training across reputed organizations throughout the country
Yet again achieved 100% placement for the previous batch (2014-17)
Final Year Commencement of Classess – 9th Jan, 2018
Exam Schedule
1st Year B.Voc. / Diploma (HCT) – JaganNath University 
Theoretical Practical
4th December – 20th December, 2017 21st December – 24th December, 2017
2nd Year B.Sc. HMCS (Bharathiar University)
2nd Mid-Term Exams – 11th Dec. to 14th Dec.


LEAP is initiated by CHA JAIPUR to bring out the best in our students. It consists of different processes and activities which will make CHA students, the trend setters of the industry. It is required for their Growth and development, Attitude and behavioral development, performance assessment,motivation and Better productivity.


 1.  Mentorship Program

Every Student is allotted their personal mentors with whom students can discuss his/her career plans,interest areas,focus points, personal training requirements ,weaknesses etc.These mentors help individual students through personal guidance to have a more comprehensives and broad outlook of his career path and goals.


2.  Performance review Program (PRP)

žPerformance review program is initiated by CHA JAIPUR  to bring out the best in our students. PRP consists of individual review, identification of personal strength and weakness , setting monthly targets and goals and monthly review for their  žGrowth and Development, Performance  Assessment,ž Better Productivity,ž Motivation, Attitude and Behavior Development.

It is  required to Develop our students, žMotivate through achievement and feedback, žCareer planning, žTo match the level of students to the industry standards, žTo produce managers of highest calibre who become trend setters in the industry.

3.  Designing Classes 

Additional emphasis is given on special modules ” Good To Great” designed by Research & Development team of CHA . Where by student are grilled on their Technical & Managerial skills.Where they learn special designing of the Hotel Kitchen / Room / Restaurant / Lobby etc.This makes them to shine in the crowed and effortless choice of HR & Training Manager of the various Hospitality units.

 Hotel Lobby Layout  Hotel Room Layout  Hotel Kitchen Layout  Hotel Restaurant Layout


4.  Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance System is very necessary an employee to follow the system & Standard of Procedure’s (SOP’s) of each organisation .Thus to make our students understand the importance of quality maintenance, we conduct these classes under”GOOD TO GREAT “module.


5.  Hotel Day

“Professionalism is knowing how to do it , when to do it and doing it.” ( Frcoute Tygen )

To make our students understand ,we teach them how to act ,and give them environment to make mistakes , to learn techniques of professionalism by celebrating Hotel Day to master in something beyond what they have already learnt by converting the college into a Hotel twice a year.


6.  WOW Committee

WOW committee is formed TO DEVELOP THE SKILLS AND RESPONSIBILITY LEVEL OF STUDENTS for —Team Building , Sense Of Responsibility , Organisation First , Leadership , Motivation and Work Ethics through being part of different committees like :

  • Grooming Committee
  • Housekeeping Committee
  • Maintenance Committee
  • Discipline Committee
  • Event Committee
  • Information Technology & Media Committee
  • Industrial Training & Placement Committee



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