Life @ Cha

There are other committees formed too, and include Event Management, Social Service, Cafeteria committee (where the students take on the entire responsibility of operations and managing the students cafeteria), Sales & Marketing and Sports & Cultural Events Committees. Representatives from all batches form part of these committees too, each of which formulates and implements action plans for various events in consultation with the management and faculty mentors.

This balance between academic, practical and personal development is designed to groom students into complete professionals, each with their own unique talents and abilities.

This system gives the students an opportunity to own their organisational skills and imbibe follow-up management techniques, diplomacy, empathy and patience; perseverance, time management and evolve a style of leadership of their own, And of course work on making their communication skills and abilities more effective.

They also learn the concept of “ownership”- to take responsibility for one’s actions. Socially too, they gain more confidence, apart from developing a habit of participation and belonging, and more importantly, values such as humility, compassion, honesty and integrity.

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